How can I keep on top of the
latest business legislation?

You have liability insurance or a business policy, so what else do you need to worry about? Or maybe you are a small business so you don’t think you need to worry about it (only large companies need to do risk assessments – right?) As an SME, you may not be aware of the range of regulations required for your business, but the risks of not conforming to the regulations can be significant.

Risks can include: waste and environmental regulations, employment and staff welfare regulations, liability protection for owners and staff, vehicle insurances, consumer regulations, insurance obligations, health and safety obligations, risk assessment requirements, licensing and permit requirements, COSHH requirements, RIDDOR regulations, LOLER regulations, food hygiene and food handling regulations, intellectual property protection, HMRC and Companies House regulation.

Limitless Accessible and Secure Records

isCompliant keeps a secure record of the insurance, legislation and regulations relevant to your business – including dates for renewal.

This ensures you are fully aware of your obligations and have the confidence of knowing everything is up-to-date and in place to meet them.

All Risk Assessments are Both Recorded and Categorised

Business actions implemented to manage risks are clear, unambiguous and communicated. This means that your business has a comprehensive record of actions taken to minimise business and personal risks.

These meet legal requirements and provide added protection in the event of disputes.

Emergency Response Actions Accessible by all Staff

Decisions made by your business covering how you want to respond to emergency situations are recorded and shared with all required staff members.

Assuring, in the event of a panic situation, there is minimal confusion which may prove lifesaving for your business and the people in it, as well as minimising cost and disruption.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental activities such as recycling policy, waste management, use of energy (etc) which are important to your business are clearly stated.

You and your staff are therefore fully aware of the decisions you have made relating to the environment, which is a benefit in itself but is also critical for ISO 14001 compliance.

Peace of Mind for Harmful Products

isCompliant records details of any potentially harmful products that your business uses.

It also outlines procedures to be carried out if anything goes wrong when they are used, providing you with peace of mind and maximising the well-being of both you and your staff.

All Your Business Records and Notes in One Safe Place

A single place for notes on what the business is legally required to do makes it easy to check and update, and ensure the business is always compliant.

And with a comprehensive set of business records safely stored in one place, access is easy for you, your staff and an auditor.

All of which simplifies the process of meeting ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation/certification.

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