isCompliant allows you to record and analyse customer feedback. Whether you receive compliments or someone highlights an issue - having meaningful feedback will help you to fully evaluate and improve your offering. Positive feedback can also support key marketing messages and improve staff morale.

Learning from customer feedback is key in developing your business. It can help you improve your service and keep your customers happy. But often, at the end of a project it can be forgotten or overlooked.

How does it do it?
Feedback comes with a form template you can issue to your customers to find out how they rate you. You can also log any other comments, complaints or compliments, and create actions to move things forward where needed. Allowing you to directly action the feedback and improve procedures as you go.

So what is the full list of Feedback features?

  • Feedback form template to issue to customers.
  • Enter scores out of five against key business attributes.
  • Satisfaction percentage and rating created from the feedback given.
  • Create a comment, compliment and complaint log.
  • Create actions against feedback.