Emergency Planning

In an emergency, isCompliant helps to make sure that your business (and everyone in it), knows the correct procedure to follow. Who to contact? What materials to use?

There's never a good emergency. But there is a good response to it. Do you know what to do if there's a fire? A flood? A fuel spillage? More importantly, does everyone else in the company? That's why you need to standardise and share your procedures.

How does it do it?
isCompliant makes us consciously think about what could go wrong and how to act when it does. It allows your employees to quickly reference the right procedure, the right person or company to contact. It links to environmental controls, assets, hazardous substances and risk assessments, so you can ensure that you are compliant. And it reminds you when you should review and practice the plans, to make sure that you can improve year on year and keep everyone up to date.

So what is the full list of Emergency Planning features?

  • Link the plan to personnel, assets, suppliers, COSHH, risk assessments and environmental controls, so that you know you have everything covered
  • Receive reminders to review your emergency plan and carry out drills
  • Schedule and invite employees to drills
  • Create actions against Emergency Plans