isCompliant is your ultimate online to-do list. It can help you to schedule and prioritise tasks, allocate actions to employees and see when those jobs are completed. Ensuring that everything gets done and jobs don't get lost or forgotten.

All too often our to-do lists exist in our head or scribbled down on paper. This can often be overwhelming - not to mention difficult to access by your members of staff. isCompliant removes duplication and provides clarity for all involved.

How does it do it?
isCompliant is built around Actions. Every record in isCompliant can have an action assigned to it. Managers can allocate actions to individuals, whether these are generated from meetings, audits, reviews, and risk assessments.

If you spot something that needs rectifying whilst using the system, you can swiftly add it to your task list (or someone else's)! The Actions module also makes it easy to delegate to employees; if you need to monitor their output, you can receive a notification once their action is completed so you can review it, making managing staff more efficient. This means you know what has or has not been achieved across a department, project or company. Without having to ask.

So what is the full list of Actions features?

  • Actions are sent directly to the employee's mailbox.
  • When an action is marked for review, the reviewer will receive an email to let them know
  • Actions can be created against any record in isCompliant
  • isCompliant automatically knows where and how the action was generated so it knows if something is an improvement or a fix, alerting you to processes within your business or project that are not improving.
  • Action list is easily filtered by assignment, due date, status or source.
  • Colour coded action list to show status of each action
  • Produces graphs that let you see which processes are performing and which need improving