Environmental Controls

isCompliant keeps you up to your legal environmental responsibilities, by giving your company a single, central location to record your environmental controls - their potential impacts and the mitigation measures that need be taken.

Whether it's the policy on electricity use or the disposal of hazardous waste, you have a legal responsibility (Duty of Care) to assess the risks you pose on the environment. You will also need to mitigate possible incidents by having put in place appropriate controls.

And, of course, you need to share and evidence your procedures.

How does it do it?
isCompliant allows you to record your environmental controls. It gives you the ability to link these to actions, checklists and risk assessments to ensure that correct procedures are being followed. It allows you to categorise the impact of the aspects with level of importance. Making sure that not only do you have a full set of environmental policies, but also that everyone in your company is following them.

So what is the full list of Environmental Controls features?

  • Define your potential impacts and mitigation measures, then decide whether the risk is acceptable
  • Receive reminders to review Environmental Controls
  • Create actions against Environmental Controls