Whether they’re worth £20 or £2,000,000, for clients or company development, one-off ventures or on-going contracts, your projects can easily be tracked with this module.

Projects can be run in any number of ways, based on the people and the work involved. Sometimes that may be exactly how you would like it. Other times it may fall short.

How does it work?
This module allows everyone to monitor and keep track of a project in a structured way. In addition to detailing the basic project information, it allows you to record its status, linking it to a manager and customer. You can also add RACI Roles (Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform), a useful way of assigning management levels to a project. If an incident occurs related to the project, the report will automatically be sent to those defined under RACI.

So what is the full list of Projects features?

  • Track the status of projects (Planning, New, In Progress, Completed or Cancelled).
  • Link projects to customers and managers.
  • Define RACI Roles for incident reporting on projects.
  • Set Actions relating to Projects.