ISO Standards

ISO standards and Health and Safety Compliance rely heavily on following procedures and documenting the process of this to evidence it at any time. One of the major benefits of isCompliant is that it allows you to do exactly this - and meet many of the International Standards, enabling you to get UKAS Accredited certification.

It ensures that everyone in your organisation is accountable and keeps up-to-date. It allows you to get those 'to-do' lists out of your head, allowing you to delegate and track progress. And it removes the bureaucracy of too much paperwork and running around like a headless chicken before the annual audit is due! In short, isCompliant makes it easier and cheaper to maintain the standards in a way that actually benefits your business.

Too many organisations try to get certified just for the certificate. This usually means they have to keep on top of processes that don't actually benefit their business; they're just there to satisfy the ISO auditor. isCompliant uses proven processes that actually benefit your business and help improve it. The certifications are an added bonus!

Not only that, but the way isCompliant is structured means if you have a consultant on the job they can assist you from afar, keeping you up-to-date and continuously on top of things.

Keeping everyone in the picture.

Because isCompliant is cloud-based, it is accessible wherever you, or your employees are. And any assistance can be provided remotely, which keeps the costs down.

Of course, we can't guarantee that you will achieve certification by simply signing up for isCompliant. But our user manual and procedures actually satisfy the majority of the document requirements of the standards listed below. In fact, anyone who signs up to isCompliant gets a full library of documents ranging from policies to procedures.

So what sets of Standards does isCompliant satisfy?

ISO 9001 - Quality Management

What is this?
The most recognised standard is ISO 9001 for Quality Management.

In a nutshell
isCompliant meets the requirements of both the 2008 and 2015 versions. If you are currently certified to ISO 9001:2008 and you need to bring your system in line with ISO 9001:2015, isCompliant makes it easy.

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One of the biggest mistakes made by businesses is thinking that ISO 9001 is just a Quality Management Standard. In reality, it is business management standard. And the real secret is, it's not as complicated as they would like you to believe!

Essentially it is a robust framework for a successful business. It lists the things that all businesses should do to succeed and improve. Things like managing your employees, managing improvements, confirming suppliers can provide what you need, setting objectives... All these tasks (and many more) are covered in isCompliant.

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management

What is this?
Like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 describes the minimum requirements a company needs to have in place, but focuses on how to manage the environmental aspects of a business and processes required to reduce environmental impacts.

In a nutshell
isCompliant makes it nice and easy to achieve these requirements, by combining the processes shared with other standards so that you don't end up duplicating records.

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An example is that the auditing process in isCompliant meets the auditing requirements for all recognised international standards.

In addition to meeting the requirements of ISO 14001, used properly isCompliant also lets you understand your legal compliance requirements in respect of the Environment.

ISO 45001 - Occupational Health & Safety Management

What is this?
Like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ISO 45001 is based on simple and sound business principals. In 2018 the ISO 45001 replaced OHSAS 18001.

In a nutshell
Every company has a legal obligation to their employees to manage occupational health and safety. The safety management standards are designed to create formal processes that ensure all activities are risk assessed. An example would be when hazards are identified, possible consequences are reduced and the likelihood of occurrences is removed as far as reasonably practicable.

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isCompliant has an easy to use Risk Assessment module. This allows you to risk assess your activities. It also allows you to monitor the mitigation actions put in place to reduce risk. In addition, the Risk Assessments can be tied to Emergency Plans, Projects and Employees, ensuring that risks are suitably communicated and controlled.

ISO 27001 - Information Security Management

What is this?
ISO 27001 is one of the fastest growing standards in the ISO family, creating a robust set of rules for maintaining your data integrity and confidentiality.

In a nutshell
Information Security Management systems are becoming essential for everyday business activities. As we retain more and more data about our operations, clients and employees, it is increasingly important for us to understand the sensitivity of information and how to control it. isCompliant has the tools automatically built-in so you can manage risks associated with your data classification and protection.

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The new ISO 27001:2013 was the first standard to use the Annex SL format. This will now be rolled out across the other standards mentioned on this page. In fact, isCompliant meets the requirements of both the old format standards and the new, so you can still have a fully integrated system before, during and after the transition.