The Employees module allows you to keep a full and comprehensive record of all employees, their details, training, current projects, customer accounts and assets.

Your employees are your best assets, so it's vital to keep their records, training details and reviews up-to-date.

How does it work?
As well as holding your employee's personal information and contact details, the Employees module allows you to set them Actions. It links with other modules so you can assign employees to projects and link them to any assets they are responsible for. You can also allocate responsibilities such as carrying out audits, managing customer accounts and reviewing documents. You can define and record competencies by job role and verify employee qualifications. What's more, isCompliant will issue an alert when qualifications are due to expire. It can even schedule and record employee reviews.

So what is the full list of Employees features?

  • Store personnel data, including contact details, job specifics, emergency contact numbers and employment history.
  • Give employees access to isCompliant on a module-by-module basis; no access, read only or write.
  • Define competencies.
  • Set personal objectives.
  • Upload certificates and training records so they are all held in one place.
  • Link employees to records held in other modules (e.g. assets, projects, customers etc.)
  • Schedule and record employee reviews.