Traffic Lights

isCompliant's colour-coded dashboard helps you to see all your important business processes in one place and know how each is performing.

Easy to see what work has been allocated and who is responsible for checking it.

Proven as a robust system that will support certification to
ISO 9001:2015;
ISO 14001:2015 and
ISO 45001:2018.

See the tasks that are not being completed or are overdue at the touch of a button.

Meeting management has never been as simple and effective

Store template agendas, take minutes directly into the system and allocate actions. The results will be waiting in each employee's inbox when they return to their desk.

Reminds you of the things that are easily overlooked such as asset calibrations and staff reviews.

Performance reports are readily available in a range of visual styles and records can be exported in PDF, excel or word format.

Get automatically notified by text or email whenever anyone reports an incident.

Easily manage all the elements of your business that directly impact on the quality, affect service or product delivery.