isCompliant helps you compile the correct legislation that you can link to all areas of your business, so that everyone knows what they are doing and you know that you are compliant.

Keeping up with legislation is not easy. In fact, it can be one of your biggest business headaches. Quality, Health and Safety, Legal and Environmental Regulations are constantly changing. How do you keep everyone up to date? And which ones apply to your business?

How does it do it?
That's where isCompliant is very clever. Because it uses the kind of joined up thinking you need. It helps you index the correct legislation for your business and includes direct links to the latest legislation. It allows you to import audit checklists. It categorises files and documents, connecting everything together. So that everyone knows what you are working to.

So what is the full list of Legislation features?

  • Directly links to the legislation through a web link or a direct upload
  • Categorises whether it relates to Quality, Health & Safety, Legal or Environmental regulations
  • Creates actions against legislation to ensure you are compliant
  • Gives you the ability to import compliance audit checklists for pertinent legislation