Audits / Inspections

This module allows for well-planned, structured audits and inspections. They can be carried out reasonably quickly, with relatively little disruption.

Not many people enjoy audits and inspections, however they are necessary in order to keep projects running smoothly. This module goes some way to ease the pain!

How does it do it?
isCompliant is designed to streamline the audit/inspection process. It can create templates of audit agendas and send invites to employees. During the audit you can fill in your responses on your laptop or tablet and have the report ready for others to view almost immediately. If you use a tablet, you can even save images directly to the audit action. If a non-conformity or observation is noted, you can create an issue against the given agenda item and derive actions from it. This will then appear in the employee's mailbox. You can also draft future audits, planning the dates to create an audit schedule for the coming year, ensuring you are always prepared.

So what is the full list of Audits / Inspections features?

  • Responses can be taken during the audit using a tablet or Laptop
  • Agenda templates save time
  • Audit invites are sent to employees in advance
  • Non-Conformities or Observations can be created from within the audit, and actions are sent to employees emails
  • Automatically report on the audits and their effectiveness