This module allows you to build a comprehensive list of all of your business assets, including relevant service dates for machinery and electrical equipment. It also links the asset to the employee that is in charge of its use.

Even in small businesses, asset lists can be vast! Keeping track of the location and maintenance schedules for vehicles, machinery, electrical and safety items is time consuming and complicated. The Energy at Work Regulations specify that any electrical equipment must be maintained and in a safe condition - for most organisations, that means PAT testing.

How does it work?
This module keeps the relevant documentation for each asset in one place. It reminds you when your PAT testing, calibration or servicing is due and, to make testing simpler, you can order the asset list by the given Asset Tag, ensuring no assets have been missed. You can also link any asset to the employees in charge of its use and maintenance, as well as to a work site, project and risk assessment where needed.

So what is the full list of Assets features?

  • Reminders when PAT testing, calibration or servicing is due.
  • Attach documents to an asset (e.g. instruction manuals, service logs, test certificates etc.) to keep them all in an easily accessible place.
  • Filter by Asset Tag so you don’t miss any assets during testing.
  • Link to a Risk Assessment to give the Asset a Risk Rating.
  • Link an asset to its primary user and the employee responsible for its maintenance.
  • Link to a project or work site.