Is there a way to make auditing
quicker and less painful?

Carrying out an audit shouldn’t be a chore, and getting audited shouldn’t make you nervous. Unfortunately both of these feelings are all too common. Audits are often carried out because they have to be, with no real benefit; therefore people don’t enjoy being on either side of the audit checklist!

isCompliant makes audits, quick, easy and beneficial. A successful isCompliant audit can be done in minutes.

Easy to set up checklists

Create an audit checklist template that can be re-used each time you need to audit the same process, saving you time and ensuring you get measurable responses to identify trends.

Simple audit functionality

Select a pre-set audit checklist, tick a box if you want any outstanding actions from the last audit to be included, respond to the predetermined questions and record the actions.

With isCompliant an audit need only take a couple of minutes.

Issue recording

Record non-conformities and observations whilst you audit, and allocate actions where they are needed.

By the time you finish, everyone will have their list of actions in their Outlook Tasks, live!

Reporting with simple charts and graphs

Simple, visual charts and graphs to show how effective your auditing schedule is and identify trends in your data.

Are the audits improving your business processes? Are you completing them on time? Are you auditing all the necessary areas of your business?

isCompliant helps you to answer all these questions and more.

Predetermined legislation audits

Select predetermined audits to check legislative compliance; a necessity for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

isCompliant offer a set of audit checklists that can be downloaded and implemented within seconds.

Cloud based technology

As with everything on isCompliant, you can set up and record an audit wherever you are.

All your audits are stored in once place and available whenever they are required.

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