Will I definitely gain ISO certification by using isCompliant?

We can’t guarantee it. However, if you use the system correctly and keep all your records updated, there is no reason why not. Feedback from our existing clients back this up too. We’re sure you will agree that using isCompliant is pretty self-explanatory. However, if you want to ensure that you achieve compliance and apply each clause to your business then seeking consultancy may be wise (in fact, we can recommend many consultants that use isCompliant).

Can isCompliant work for me, even if I don’t want
to gain certification to the standards?

Absolutely. isCompliant is an essential toolkit for any business. In fact isCompliant is a great tool to help expanding businesses manage their growth effectively. It not only stores all your important business data in one place (so no more folders full of mainly untouched paper), it allows you to proactively monitor your business activities using the Actions module.

What does cloud-based mean? Is my data safe?

Cloud-based technology is an online resource available to users via an internet isCompliant server. Your data is totally safe. Everything is stored in an ISO 27001 accredited data centre (which is an international standard for Information Security Management Systems). In addition, isCompliant is on a secure SSL connection, so all the data transfer is completely secure.

What training is available for isCompliant?

isCompliant is a very intuitive system and most people find it easy to understand from the start. However, to get everyone started, we offer video tutorials. These will walk you through each module, showing you how to get the best out of your system. You can also contact us us by phone or email if you need extra help.

How much will isCompliant cost?

It’s very affordable! See the Pricing page for the details

I already have a HR system. Do I have to use the Employees Module on isCompliant?

Not really. The only essential fields that need to be filled in on an employee record are their names and email addresses; this is so they can receive actions and reminders when they are allocated to records on the system. You don’t have to use any other section of the Employees Module so long as the information is stored elsewhere for ISO audit purposes. If you decide to implement it at a later stage, that is not a problem.

Does isCompliant offer a document control system?

isCompliant allows you to store documents against records or modules, wherever you see the book symbol. If you revise any document, you can upload the new version against the current record using the Increment button. You can track the progress of document revisions using the History button. The main thing to remember is that your Document Control procedure must match the way that you work, whether using the document control in isCompliant or not.

What do the colours on my dashboard mean?

The dashboard works using a traffic light scheme to show the health of your system. Each module will be coloured either red, orange, yellow or green.

  • Green is what you want to see.
  • Orange means that some things need to be addressed.
  • Red means that action needs to be taken.

If you click on the light bulb in the top right hand corner of your dashboard, you’ll see a table that shows why each module is a certain colour. There is also a handy list to tell you exactly why modules are not green, so you know where to focus your efforts.

I can’t remember my username or password

Don’t worry, you can reset it with your security question. If you have any other problems with getting in, just drop us an email or fill in a support request.

Can anyone else see my data?

No, your data is completely secure and private. The only time anyone can see your data is:

  • You issue someone with a login
  • You give someone your login credentials. (We would highly recommended against doing that!)
  • You click the “Inclusive of HR” box in Company and that lets your Consultant who set the system up see your data. This is often helpful when you first get started.

Is my data backed up?

Yes. The highly secure isCompliant servers are backed up every single day. Not only that, we have a copy of the back-up in 3 different countries and we can switch to them at any time there is a problem. So you can be sure that your data is safe, secure and always accessible at all times.