Company Objectives

The Company Objectives module allows you to set, develop and build your objectives as your business grows. Sharing them with employees keeps them focused too.

The best companies in the world have one thing in common. A workforce that has a clear idea of where the company is going, what it wants to achieve and how they are planning to get there.

How does it do it?
isCompliant allows you to set, develop and build on your company objectives. It allocates tasks in Actions, links to relevant Litigation and highlights areas where things are not working. It helps you to identify and share short-term goals and long term ambitions; ways to expand or diversify, improve HSE matters, or just small tweaks to make your customers or employees happier. Helping you and all your employees to have something concrete to work towards.

Simply tick the Objective box as you create an action and it gets elevated to a Company Objective status. That way you get real objective that are strategic to your business whenever they occur.

So what is the full list of Company Objectives features?

  • Turn any action into a company objective.
  • Set long-term goals for your business.
  • Set real objectives based on the process graphs automatically generated in the Actions Module, helping you target the processes that are not improving.