This module gives a central and comprehensive index of your customers, including contact details and links to projects.

Businesses need customers. In order to appear to be professional it's important that your employees have a central resource of active and inactive clients.

How does it do it?
isCompliant keeps comprehensive records of each client, including contact details of any individual contacts, their roles and responsibilities, and links to projects you're undertaking on their behalf. If you stop working with a customer, simply mark them as inactive so they don't have to appear in your client register. However their details are still easily accessible for future reference.

So what is the full list of Customers features?

  • Store all customer contact details in once place.
  • Link customers to projects and account managers.
  • Keep track of specific contacts at each supplier.
  • Make customer's inactive if you're not working for them - no time wasted entering their details if you work for them again in the future.