This module allows meetings to run more efficiently and makes everyone in the business more accountable. The agenda can be viewed in advance and minutes can be taken directly into isCompliant during the meeting so they are waiting for attendees when they return to their desks. Actions and responsibilities can be set against minutes.

In most companies, meetings work like this. You organise a date; two employees forget and schedule other appointments, half the attendees haven’t read the agenda so they’re not prepared. Afterwards, the minutes finally pop into everybody’s inbox just before next meeting and none of the actions have been completed! Sound familiar?

How does it do it?
With this module, you can schedule meetings and at the click of a button, all attendees will receive an invite in their inbox. Meeting templates can be created to save time and the agenda can be viewed in advance. Better still, the minutes can be taken live using isCompliant on a laptop or tablet. Actions can be created during the meeting. This means that when the attendee’s return to their desks, their actions will be waiting for them and the minute-taker can return to work! As the Meeting chair you can also see every time an action is completed – and when things are not.

So what is the full list of Meetings features?

  • Minutes can be taken during the meeting, directly into the meetings module
  • Agenda templates save time
  • Meeting invites are sent to employees in advance
  • Actions are created whilst the meeting is in progress and are sent to employees emails before they return to their desks
  • No more PDF minutes with actions that get read 10 minutes before the next meeting!