We need ISO 9001 to tender for work,
can isCompliant help?

Often you need ISO 9001 to tender for work, but the time it takes and knowing where to start can be a real headache. But isCompliant is there to ease the pain...

Record and Store all you need to achieve ISO 9001

isCompliant provides you with a straightforward way of gaining the certification required to complete PQQ’s and tender submissions.

Supporting PQQ

isCompliant will keep a note of the procedures and processes needed to support PQQ and tender purposes.

This makes it so much easier to draw up tender application documentation in the future.

See how the Business is Performing

isCompliant allows you and approved staff to see how well your business is performing in maintaining your certification.

Providing seamless management, maintenance and retention of your certification.

An Easy to Use, Colour-Coded Overview

isCompliant gives you your own, easy to use, colour-coded overview of your activities, confirming your continued compliance with standard requirements.

Simply log on to your system for quick confirmation that all is well.

Audits Without the Headaches

isCompliant will keep information needed for auditing secure, up-to-date and readily available for auditors when required.

With isCompliant, audits needn’t cause massive disruption to your day-to-day activities. No last minute panic before an audit, just the satisfaction of knowing everything is in perfect order.

and in Control

Your isCompliant system will keep control of the critical elements of your ISO responsibilities allowing you more time to devote to winning contracts, keeping your customers happy and enjoying more sales.

isCompliant meets the requirements of the 2015 revision to ISO 9001 so there’s no need to do anything different to keep your certification in the future.

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