How well is my business doing?

Do you often think ‘how well is my business doing?’ You know what it’s like. When you are really busy you haven’t got time to think about it. And when it quietens down, it’s too late to analyse why. Plus, keeping on top of information and paperwork is a logistical nightmare.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could analyse what you are doing right, or what you could be doing even better, no matter how busy you are. Well, with isCompliant you can...

Accessible 24/7

Because isCompliant is accessible online 24/7 all the relevant information is put in a place that you can reach at any time - allowing you to keep track of how your business is performing, after all your other work is done.

Intuitive Colour-Coded Dashboard

Simple to understand and easy to see your up-to-date business position at a glance. Instantly allowing you to prioritise actions and flag up problems instantly.

Graphs and Charts Show Results Over Time

Instantly see the business developing, allowing you to track trends and make sure that actions relate to actual data.

15 Key Business Areas Covered

With 15 business areas covered your management time can be targeted. This allows you to instantly see which areas of the business you need to prioritise.

Access to individual modules is fully customisable with controlled access settings. This means that security, integrity and confidentiality are all fully maintained.

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