How can we efficiently manage and monitor the workload of our employees?

Finding an efficient way of managing and monitoring employee workload as well as keeping in contact with everyone can be a logistical nightmare.

This is especially true when your business is busy, or you have staff working remotely / in multiple locations. Well, with isCompliant you can...

Assign Tasks to Anyone Quickly and Easily

Actions are sent to the employee’s email, informing them of the scope and deadline of a task.

Once the employee has completed their action, they simply log in to isCompliant, flag that the action is completed or ready for review, and add notes if necessary.

See the Whole Picture

isCompliant gives you a complete picture of all tasks so that you know they are being completed on time. This helps to pinpoint any issues at an early stage.

Head in the Clouds

isCompliant is cloud-based so it can be accessed from anywhere making remote working easy.

So, even if you have employees in multiple locations, they can still sign in and receive actions, and you’re made aware when they finish their respective tasks.

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