Making the most of meetings

No doubt you already hold regular meetings, so why should you change? Well, if you are like most companies, you won’t all be fully prepared for the meeting when you walk in.

And, although everyone knows what they are doing when they leave the room, the minutes are not distributed effectively, so things can get missed. There is a better way, with isCompliant...

Templates for Routine Meeting Agendas and Attendees

Save time and effort with meeting preparation, avoiding errors and omissions by setting up meeting templates.

Automatic Invitations

All meeting attendees are automatically invited via email as part of the meeting scheduling process which allows for a more efficient use of staff, saves valuable time and increases productivity.

Minutes Made Simple

Minutes are typed directly into the system against the relevant agenda item. No need for separate documentation and no bits of paper for typing up later.

Minutes are also automatically sent to attendee’s email inbox when the meeting is closed so everyone has a reference of what was discussed and can get on with completing their actions instantly.

Outlook Integration

Any actions from the meeting are automatically sent to the allocated person and a reviewer (if required). They then appear instantly in their Outlook Tasks with a date to be completed on the system.

This makes actions less likely to be forgotten and are promptly completed. The reviewer can also instantly confirm what has been done before signing it off as completed.

Completed and Outstanding Actions

Completed actions and minutes are all stored in the system making it easy for managers and supervisors to check the status of tasks for which they are responsible.

Any outstanding actions are automatically visible at the following meeting, so nothing gets lost, overlooked or forgotten.

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