This all sounds great!
How do I become a consultant?

As you would expect, we believe clients should have absolute confidence in their consultant. That's why it's important that we ensure that you, as a consultant, have a complete understanding of the system.

So where do you start?

To help you achieve this, we provide you with a resource site. There's a clear and simple route to take to become fully approved (as shown in the Consultants Journey).

Because the system is simple to understand, it shouldn't take long to do, but we suggest about 8 hours of training. Whether you do it all at once or in bite-sized stages is totally up to you.

What can I expect from being an isCompliant Consultant?

Once you have completed the Consultants Journey, we're sure you'll be as committed to the system as we are. The next step is to implement isCompliant into your working life (we supply you with the system for use in your own business).

Then the final stage is to take the system to your new and existing clients. This will improve everyone's working practices. It will also boost your credibility, improve your reputation and enhance your earning opportunities.

We think that just about covers it. But if you have any other questions then please contact us or see our FAQs page for more information.

What it Means to be an isCompliant Consultant

The Consultants Journey